I was in Direct Sales for 12 years. I went from consistently having low sales and sponsoring no one to my team to being a TOP National Retailer AND Sponsor in my company. I know you're ready to do the same.

“The last month of being in the Tribe has been an encouragement and eye opener for me. I appreciate the way Amber delivers the things we can do to make our businesses better. She is easy to relate to and I like that!

- Betsy

Time to Thrive

You've wanted more for your business, more than just a hobby. I feel you, sister. I've been there and am here to help you move past the hobby and enjoy a thriving business.

Goodbye Doubt
Whether you purchase my Booking Bootcamp course, follow me on Instagram, or are a member of my Tribe, you will find the encouragement, tools, and tips you need to make it happen.
Goodbye doubt and fear. Hello confidence and consistency.

My Focus
I started coaching women in Direct Sales to help them overcome the fears, the uncertainty... and help them step into being a fierce entrepreneur.
If you're sick of running a hobby business like I was, then I have the tools you need to make it happen.

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So many great tips and systems to help you THRIVE.